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Food Metal Detectors
Metal shards from broken machinery can easily contaminate the food at the time of processing in manufacturing plants. To help in detection and elimination of such metallic particles, we present a large collection Food Metal Detectors that are can easily detect such substances.
Metal Detectors
We are offering a broad range of Metal Detectors that are highly efficient in detecting the presence of metallic shards or particles. They work well in industrial working conditions and have been given a strong built to endure the pressure of scanning large volumes of different products.
Packaging Metal Detectors
The offered range of Packaging Metal Detectors is used in the final stage of packaging to determine the presence of any hazardous metallic particles. These machines employ X-ray system to fully scan the products and eliminate the ferrous or non-ferrous metallic particles in the lot.
Ready to Eat Food Metal Detector
Install a ready to eat food metal detector if you are planning to start a food processing unit. This machine is designed to work continuously to test the entire batch of the food products and make sure no food is passed that is metal contaminated. 
Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors
Presenting a wide range of Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors that can scan through large amount of medicines and effectively eliminate the metallic substances present in it. Armed with micro-controller and strong magnetic field, these machines prove their worth by their superior detection capability and a very high throughput rate.
Textile Metal Detectors
The offered collection of Textile Metal Detectors can easily detect the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and alloys in the process flow of manufacturing textile products. These machines work smoothly for both woven and non woven textiles with highly precise detection and impressive reliability.
Gravity Fall Metal Detector
Gravity fall metal detector can be utilized in the process of accessing the quality of powdered and granular food products. Whether small or large, all kinds of metal contaminants can be detected by the machine. 

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