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Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

We offer an entire collection of Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors that can separate metallic substance from the processed pills, capsules or powder medicines. These machines are Microcontroller based and possess high sensitivity detection technology. The detectors have a strong built along with ultra-fast processing capacity that helps in scanning large volumes of medicines at one go. With the ability to detect all types of metals such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass through strict examination, these machines facilitate a reliable detection of free or trapped particles in product flow.

Here are some of the other highlights of various Pharma Metal Detecting Machine that we offer:

1) Quick elimination of undesirable materials in the product line.
2) Ability to work with different forms of medicines such as capsules and powder.
3) Almost negligible amount of loss of material due to the presence of strong magnetic field.
4) Easy assemble and disassemble for cleaning the machines.
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Capsule Metal Detector

Price: 215000 INR/Piece

Capsule Metal Detector has been designed keeping the requirements of metal detection of medicines in mind. The body of this detector has been constructed specially to deal with capsules and reject the contaminated capsules automatically.

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Metal Detector For Bulk Powders

Price: 245000 INR

This Metal Detector For Bulk Powders has the ability to conduct a scan for the presence of metallic shards in powdery product. The powder handling capacity of this machine is quite large and can conduct a quick scan across a large volume of amorphous material.

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Metal Detector Combo Unit

Price: 300000 INR

Metal Detector Combo Unit is an integrated metal detector with deduster that is highly effective in removing metallic dust from the product. It possesses the ability to conduct high quality dedusting and deburring at the same without making much noise.

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Pharmaceutical Metal Detector

Price: 215000 INR

Pharmaceutical Metal Detector are specialized detectors that can check for the presence of any metallic contaminants in capsules and medicinal powders. Laced with a high sensitivity detection technology, the machine delivers super fast processing.


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